~Karina Black~ (karinablack) wrote in dot_mousiness,
~Karina Black~

Crosswalk mouse

I was kind enough to stop at the crosswalk and wait for you, your elderly mother, and your pitifully obese offspring to waddle/meander/roll across the way even though you were about 10 feet from the edge of the curb and I *technically* didn't have to.

This having been said, maybe next time someone is waiting for you to cross, you could refrain from answering your cell in the *middle* of the crosswalk?

And when I smiled and waved, the blank cow look you gave was really not the expected, nor appropriate reaction. *sulksulksulk*

I am also overweight, but it doesn't take me excrutiatingly long to walk such a short distance. Your elderly mother, WITH HER WALKER, made it across the way in better time than you. And really, can't you answer a phone and talk whilst walking?

Next time I'm going to give serious thought to hitting the accelerator just to see if you'd bounce.

Though... yeah... I'll probably stop and smile and wave again because that's just the type of fidiot I am.
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