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We're Mousy and, Well, Not Exactly Proud

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The youngest and shyest member of the vast and belligerent dot_cattiness family, dot_mousiness is a refuge for aimless dithering, mild self-deprecation, and ineffectual protests against being steamrollered by the noisy, aggressive, and obnoxious.

Particularly mousy statements are greeted with modest nibbles of cheese.
acquiescent, afraid, apprehensive, bashful, cautious, chary, chicken, chickenhearted, compliant, cowardly, coy, demure, diffident, dithering, drab, fainthearted, faltering, fearful, funky, gentle, halting, henhearted, hesitant, humble, irresolute, jumpy, mild, milk-toast, milky, modest, mouse circus, mouselike, mousy, nervous, nice, panicky, pigeonhearted, quiet, rabbity, retiring, self-doubt, shilly-shallying, shy, skittish, subdued, tentative, timid, unaggressive, unassertive, unassured, uncertain, unobtrusive, unostentatious, vacillatory, wary, wiggle-waggle, yellow